Dressing Ideas on Apple or Round Body Shape

As one of the more difficult body types to dress, in fact, the Apple or Round body shape can be easy to camouflage by adopting her good points and avoid her shortcomings. Generally, Apple or Round bodies have a waist, which is the largest part of their body. These people gather their weight in the middle, while often have slim arms and legs, which can be regarded to their advantage. Apple bodies can wear the plus side like Rosie O’Donnell or Gabourey Sidibe, at the same time, it can also be thinner like Drew Barrymore, Jade Jagger, and Kate Winslet. Here are some good outfit advice for Apple or Round shape bodies.

The first outfit should be a v-neck empire waist top and boot cut jeans, which is fun and flirty that would be a perfect date shirt, at least for me. You know that the top is matched under the breasts and flows out at the stomach, which will have the illusion that you have a flat stomach. The outfit is matched with flats, while you could also go with it with heels to make your legs look longer and slimmer.

The next outfit pairs should be dark bootcut jeans going with a long waisted pink sweater. The sweater is layed and contributes to being created a longer torso and contributes to hiding the stomach while the bootcut jeans makes your body look longer than before.

The last outfit should be a black v-neck empire dress, which is a charming dress. If these are your best attribute, a black v-neck empire dress shows off your arms and legs.

Just keep in mind to have fun with your body type and always put on things that you are comfortable when you are wearing. Hope these tips can help a lot and welcome to keep following me to learn more fashion tips.

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