Why to Keep Your Hair Long

Long hair is an age-old beauty trend that will always be in style. Yes, it is true that there are many benefits of having short hair, but you should know that there having long hair is better than having short hair. Here are some more reasons to keep your long.

If you want to get more feminine look, there is no doubt that you should leave long hair. As you can see, long hair has always been a symbol of womanhood as well as beauty. You will want to leave long hair if you can have very strong facial features, in this way, the long hair can help soften up your look.

If you had short hair, you will find that there are only a few ways to style your hair. On the contrary, if you have long hair, there will be many ways you can choose. For instance, with the long hair, you can do full updos, half updos, braids as well as other fancy and even complicated hairstyles that require long hair for various loops and twists.

If you have a round face, it is wise for you to keep your hair long since this can make you look thinner. As you can see, having long hair can make your face longer and thinner, what is more, you can look even better when you have layers and side swept fringes added on.

If you have short hair presently, you will find that it takes time for it to grow long. I’m sure that is why most people who with long hair are hesitate to cut their hair and keep their hair long. So it is very necessary for you to have a careful consideration about having a haircut before getting it done.…

Are Makeup Vanity Mirrors Still Useful?

Although the women of the Victorian era had makeup tables, it was not a worldwide phenomenon at that time. The Makeup vanity table became popular in the 1920s During the Hollywood era, all of the budding actresses had to have a vanity like was seen in the movies.

Many of the black and white film stars such as Ava Gardener and Audrey Hepburn had a seen in front of a vanity putting on makeup. These actresses were known as the Glamour gals of their time. One thing they would not do was to be caught without makeup. Thousands of glamor girl want to bes wanted a vanity just like Ava had. These beautiful wooden pieces came in a variety of styles. The vanities came in oak, veneer or maple.

During the 1950s, the first make believe vanity set comes on the scene. Made just like the one mommy has but of metal, they came in a variety of colors. Little girls around the country wanted to be just like mommy when she got glamorous for the night. Retailers at the time were trying to capitalize on the childrens market. A line of make believe makeup was made for little girls.

In modern day times the demand for a makeup vanity is waning. But even though demand is less, there are more style choices than ever. Although they dont come with bedroom sets as they once did, with the variety of style choices you are sure to find one to match your rooms decor. The vanity comes in every wood imaginable. There are even less expensive ones in metal. In certain craft stores, you can find do it yourself kits. These kits allow the adventurous make their own vanity.

If you want to purchase a vanity, you should check out some of the higher end furniture stores. These stores are more likely to have the better crafted vanities. Vanities can range in price from $ 84 dollars to as high as $ 600 dollars. Little girls can still have a makeup table like mommy. Cartoon companies are getting into the act. One of the most popular girl shows on the air today has a line dolls, clothes and furniture. This company recently put out a vanity with the popular cartoon girls all over it. The internet has vanities at a competitive price that could beat the retail stores. The internet also has several videos of people putting their own vanities together.

Vanities and makeup go hand in hand. As far back as the 1920s to present day times, there is a vanity in the house of a glamor girl of today. Fashionistas of today tend to lead more toward a feminine look. Places to put on makeup could become an important place for women again. Fashion blogs and hair magazine have begun to mention the makeup vanity again so there may be a new demand for them. Although every girl doesn’t have one in their house, there is still a place for the makeup vanity.

The makeup vanity is an essential piece of womans furniture. To learn more about makeup vanity tables, please, visit our website for additional information.