AlliedBarton Employee Portal Login: Your Security Is Important!

AlliedBarton is now popularly known as Allied Universal but their goals, tasks and loyalty remains the same towards their customers. Now If you are someone who is new to the services provided by this company, you should register for an online account right away for your convenience. If you already have, great! Because we can move on with teaching you how to go about the AlliedBarton Employee Portal Login procedure without taking a minute!

allied barton

Allied Universal is a facility services company from United States of America. With a revenue of 4.8 billion USD, this company provides security systems to all of America. The company started out small and now it has expanded with about 160,000 employees! Basically, back in 2016 AlliedBarton was purchased by Universal Services of America, Inc. and together with them, this company provides people with trained and responsive security guards and personnel to various high-end companies such as Fortune 500 and so on. However, their business is exclusive to United States of America. By Allied Universal you get services such as perimeter or walking patrol, EMT or first responder, gate house, temporary security coverage, control room or CCTV monitoring, vehicle patrol, access control, bicycle or T3 patrol and so on. You can even hire this company to give you personal or private security. You can also get visitor management, mass notification, visitor management, incident management, guard tour management and so on. So far, this company also provides GPS tracking and IT security. The company serves financial institutions, healthcare, higher education, shopping centers and so on. This company was discovered back in 1957 and reading up about all these services, you can really see how far the company has come!

Now while we took our time to tell you all we could about the company, the main point here is to tell you how to go about the AlliedBarton Employee Portal Login especially if you want to access your daily schedules and what not!

login form

  1. You will go to
  2. On the page, you will click on login
  3. In the next tab select employee login.
  4. Then in the login box enter user ID and password.

That’s it then!