Questions that cross your mind related to California Drivers Permit Course 

Whenever you come across the thought of joining an online course there are various sorts of questions that burst up in your mind. These questions encompass the fields of age criteria, satisfaction, delivery means, replacement in case of misplacement of original documents, recognition, practice tests and much more. But now there is no need to worry about all these petty things. We bring to you website. Here you can easily get answers to all your questions. You will also be told about the registration process, account login, courses, permit, license and many other major aspects. offers California Drivers Permit Course that has been approved by the DMV. This course is authorized by the Licensing Operating Division of DMV. This course is considered equivalent to a 30 hours classroom course.

Age criteria to apply for California Drivers Permit Course

It is recommended for the applicant to be at least 14 to 15 years of age. You must remember that you will not be allowed to give the DMV test unless you are 15.5 years of age.

Cost and Refund Policy of California Drivers Permit Course

The cost for the California Drivers Permit Course is $65. Any other shipping fees or hidden charges are not associated with this course. Visa and MasterCard are highly accepted by them. But no refunds are present there for you.

Misplacement of the certificate and getting Replacement Certificate

In case you lose your original document or somehow it gets misplaced, you have to report about it along with the certificate number as invalid to the DMV.  You will then be issued a new numeral document.  You will have to pay $10 to avail this service plus the shipping fee. It is very essential for you to provide the correct address otherwise your replacement certificate will again get lost. Moreover, if you provide an invalid or wrong name and date of birth, your California Drivers Permit Course will get rejected by the DMV.

Practice Tests

It is compulsory for you to give the DMV practice test. You can get all information related to this test by visiting