Most Profitable and treasured Certified Rebate Services

Whether you need vehicle maintenance or repair on Pontiac, GMC, Buick, or even Hummer you are free to visit the technicians of Certified Rebate Services. Head forward to benefit from Certified Rebate Services that offer free oil exchange, and value pricing on brake oil change, tire related deals and various other Certified Rebate Services. If you want to submit your claim or want to track the statuses of Certified Rebate Services all you need to do is to visit their website that is

Some of the major services offered by Certified Rebate Services are explained below with some of the major details you need to know instantly and will definitely catch your heart. These Certified Rebate Services are as follows.

1.      6-Quarter Oil Change

This includes the change with full synthetic oil along with 6 quarter oil change and also 4- tire rotation. Your vehicle will also be given a multi-point vehicle inspection. The total expense of this package is $49.95 only.

2.      8-Quarter Oil Exchange

This Certified Rebate Services also includes a full synthetic oil change of the vehicle. This also provides you with full 8 quarter of oil exchange, full rotation of four tires, plus multi-point vehicle inspection in just a cost of $59.95.

Tremendous offers on the Top Rated Tire Brands

There is a tremendous range of offers on all the top rated brand types. To have the full information about them you will have to download the tire manufacturer offer.

Eligible Brands of Tires

All those tire brands who are eligible for the Tire Price Match guarantee include Goodrich, Dunlop, Bridgestone, Firestone, Goodyear, Kelly, and Uniroyal.

The Power Pack Deals

Availing more deals mean to have more savings.  Now you can enter this trail of savings by getting the Certified Rebate Services Buy Power Card.

  1. Apply for the Certified Rebate Services Buy Power Card.
  2. (if) the application gets approved, you will receive up to $75 statement credit whenever you will use this card for any service or purchase of accessories.