Coca Cola Rewards Program: Live It Up A Little!

Whether its summer, winter, autumn or any order possible season that can come by, you will always crave for a refreshing drink – one that makes you feel so good! If you are a frizzy drink fan, then there is no chance you have not had the chance to try coca cola because we know you are already an addict! Well, who would not be? the chilled, bubbly and cinnamon-y drink can make anyone go out of their mind. But what if you found out that consuming coca cola will help increase your chances of getting all that free stuff? Well, its time we introduce you to Coca Cola Rewards Program!


The Coca Cola Rewards Program has been discontinued. But do not worry, the fans have already launched a petition to bring back the good stuff! Basically, the Coca Cola Rewards Program was created by the company back in 2006 or earlier to add some fun while customers consumed the product. Basically, each bottle came with a barcode/ or code that could be scanned with your phone. Once done, the code allowed you to earn rewards. You can simply register for an online Coca Cola Rewards Program and make it easier for yourself to access all the points you earn- that was the idea. Now you can answer this- what happens when you earn a lot of reward points? Yes, that is right! When you earn a lot of reward points or a total of a specific limit, you get to enjoy a present which can be a free item or a discount code. In the case of Coca-Cola’s program, we will just keep this information to ourselves and leave you to be surprised. Now, do not worry, you can obviously try this program once it comes back because it only ended back in 2017.

cocacola company account

Once it does, you should know how to log in- simply visit

When the page opens, click on Sign in and enter your email address and then your password. Lastly, hit the login/sign in button and there you have it- the easiest log in guide out there!