Access Your Very Own Employee Benefit Information Center!

It is always a best idea if you begin to keep track of which services you’re your case instead of going for something that is otherwise a good company but its description does not really suit you. In that case your best friend is an Employee Benefit Information Center. While availing services from an Employee Benefit Information Center is a good idea, we understand that making visits to these centers can get hard especially when you have a packed schedule or a convenience issue. Which is exactly why we are introducing MyBenefits to you. You can easily access this from their online portal;

Now, what exactly is MyBenefits? This is an online system by the State of America which provides individuals with self-service tools. These will help you with any enrolment plans and changes in your subscriptions such as health insurance, life insurance, and so on. MyBenefits Employee Benefit Information Center is powered by Moorneau Shepell.


With a registration to this website, you are able to find out all the benefits that come with the plans you are subscribed to. For example, which life insurance company is providing the best coverage for your child. With that, it can also tell you from which date does this XYZ benefit take place. Along with that, you get a lot of employment related benefits as well by the states. Employees can get all the benefits they need to know about in order to increase their employment safety. In order to get further information and any help with your MyBenefits account, you can easily contact their service center online or by a call to their helpline/customer service line. MyBenefits will help you fix any issue with logging in, resetting your password, any advice that you think you need on the state plan options and which one suits you, verification of enrolment and documentation, making changes to your account or plan, any refunds that you need, help in understanding the insurance plans and their premiums and so on.

Overall, this service is very comprehensive and you will not be disappointed once you get your own account with them. Let us know how your experience was!