Mid-Continent Library Account Login Is One Touch Away!

How will you feel if we tell you that your library is only a few clicks away from you now? We are sure that will make your life even more convenient for you because often times many of us find it hard to travel to our local libraries in order to read our favorite books, find relevant books for any research we have and so on. So, as the world is moving from hard copies towards digital copies, it only makes sense that we digitalize our library as well and access it from our homes to make it easy on us. There is one tool that will help you a lot in this case- Mid-Continent Library. And which we dive into that, those of you who have already signed up will find out the procedure for Mid-Continent Library Account Login at the end!

Mid-Continent Library Account Login

Mid-Continent Library is an American based website or online library technology that comes with various missions. However, in basic terminology, their mission is to enrich the American communities, individuals and citizens by expanding their access to innovative technology, ideas, inspiration and so on. And so, with Mid-Continent Public Library, you are open to one of the best library experience you will have if you are in North America. The best part is that, you can also get these portable books in various ranges of PDF formats and sizes. You are also allowed to download them and purchase them online because some books are just not easy to let go! Now that that is clear, let’s move ahead with the Mid-Continent Library Account Login procedure steps:


  1. To start with the Mid-Continent Library Account Login process, you will have to go to mymcpl.com
  2. Once you are on the page, you will click on My Account at the top right corner.
  3. In the new window, you will see the login box then.
  4. From there on it’s pretty easy!- the first thing you need to enter is your username or barcode that you must have set.
  5. Second box will ask you to enter your PIN which you set when you registered.
  6. Now click on Login and that’s it!