Minions at MCD Sweepstakes: What’s Good?

We cannot remember the first time we had the opportunity to consume McDonald’s because we are just so addicted. From their nuggets to their burgers, from their meal items to their breakfast items, McDonald’s has been able to live up to its expectations and the flavor is just so addictive! While McDonald’s is amazing for its food, this global chain has something exciting to offer to its customers- the legendary Minions at MCD Sweepstakes is here to take your life to the next level is a second. Let’s discuss the Minions at MCD Sweepstakes in the following section and we assure you, after reading it, you will want to enter the Minions at MCD survey right away!


Now, this survey is not readily available right now but it might just make a come back! So, in order to access it you should check and see if the survey is up for you to enter. But you need to know that the survey comes with an entry limit. That means that you will only be able to register once per participant. Each day, there will be ten code entries. If you did not receive the code yourself, its best to use the free code MINIONMANIA but you should know that you can only use this code once!

While the rules are clear to you, we should move on ahead with discussing the Minions at MCD Sweepstakes. Now this grand opportunity can let you win  sweepstakes worth $250,000 is a heartbeat. There are various in-store prizes that you can receive- you will get an ARV and the odds of winning one are one in 121! With that, there are other 1,00,000 prizes that are available to you and so, each winner of the prize draw will also get a Despicable Me 2 Mini-movie collection download. You will also get the movie ticket through Fandago, a fifty dollar arch card, trip to universal Orlando resort, trip to NBC sports hosted experience and so much more. Basically, you should get ready for your life to turn upside down in just a few seconds. Just visit McDonald’s now and keep on purchasing what you do!