Applied for A Loan? Get myGreatLakes Loan Account As Well!

Great Lakes Loans is a federal based student loan service company. When we say federal based loan company, we mean that the loans given by Great Lakes Loans are funded by the government of United States of America. The best characteristic of the Great Lakes Loans is that these student loans come at a very low interest rate. Along with that, your repayment methods and options are made fairly easy for you which makes your loan term flexible. If you wish to register for myGreatLakes Loan Account, you have come to just the right place. Here we will teach you how you can sing up for myGreatLakes Loan Account and how you can sign in once your account is made.

While the interest rates are low, these rates are decided by the congress each year and they vary from loan type to loan type. However, as a borrower you can be confirmed that your interest rates will not be based on your credit scores which have become an important identifier of whether you will secure a loan or not. You also do not have to provide evidence that you can repay the loan you applied for.

If you have applied for a loan with the Great Lake Loans and you have started your term, it is best to register for myGreatLakes Loan Account so you can keep an eye on your loan term easily. Let’s see how to register first:

sign up account access

  1. In order to begin, you will open this link:
  2. Once the link is open you can click on the green sign up button on the top right corner of the page.
  3. On the next page, you will start by entering personal information and then carry on with completing information for the next few steps.
  4. At the end you will be done with your sign up procedure.

In order to Log in:

  1. Go to the same page as before.
  2. Click on green log in button on the same area.
  3. Enter your username
  4. Enter your password.
  5. Hit the log in button.

Welcome to your myGreatLakes Loan Account!