MyKelly Services: Everything You Need to Know 101!

Are you an employee at Kelly? Well if you are you should know that you are working with one of the best and hospitable companies out there. That is because is a website that is just for its employees; whether you are a MyKelly United States employee or you are a MyKelly Canada employee. Kelly employees are part of a large selected group of professionals who are extremely skilled. And with that, the company aims on providing its employees the best workforce/workplace solutions out there. So, as an employee if you wish to keep up with what is going on at Kelly, you should frequently visit their website and find out the MyKelly Services and benefits that are available just for you.

So if you are a Kelly employee and you visit and check out the MyKelly Services you will be able to get the extensive details but here we will briefly give you a list of what is available to you. One of the perks of being a Kelly employee is the employee discounts that you can receive and it just makes it easier on the employees to make purchases at companies that are on their discount panels. With that, you also get to enjoy an annual service bonus. Is that not amazing? Now you can add this bonus to your savings or simply spend it all on an item that you have been wanting to purchase. We are just starting, there is more to MyKelly Services that you can enjoy if you work with them.

Kelly also gives its employees the chance to get qualified employee transportation system that enables the workers to travel to and from work with convenience. You can also access their benefit alliance healthcare for yourself, and check out the Kelly’s ACCA plan, and their employee assistance program as well.

Kelly and MyKelly Services allow you to get everything you want at a workplace. If you are an employee you can access everything by registering yourself on their online portal and if you want, you can follow the login procedure and enter your account where you can access details of the services available to you. Just click on the orange Log in button on the top right corner and enter your ID and password. Viola! You’re in!