Novant Health Connection: All to know and Benefits

Novant Health Connection is defined as an electronic agent that connects providers with the latest electronic healthcare technologies. Novant Health Connection provides a great opportunity of connecting independently to the physicians. They can now independently form a connection with the leading industries, information technologies, and practice. It helps physicians to enhance the patient communication and brighten up the outcomes and manage their practice with greater efficiency. You can now avail this service at

Advantages of Novant Health Connection

Price Management and Electronic Health Record Technology are often found to be prohibited to be purchased. But by using Novant Health Connection you can also take the advantage of using both of these epic facilities and improve your practice,

The major Benefits Offered by Novant Health Connection

There is a wide range of benefits that are being offered by Novant Health Connection. A few of these are listed below. These surely will make you stay, think and make your mind to use Novant Health Connection.

These Novant Health Connection benefits given at include,

  1. As “Practice Management” and “Electronic Health Record” are two of the systems that are entirely based on a single database. Thus they help the patients to be provided with greater healthcare, quality, and improved convenience. This database is actually made around the patient.
  2. Templates for patient scheduling and the registration process are highly sophisticated.
  3. Operational efficiency has a very streamline flow.
  4. The billing accuracy is improved to considerable extents.
  5. Physicians have developed tools that have very high productivity, and are specially tailored for the basic and primary care. These are mainly used by the specialists.
  6. Huge, extensive and widespread library of patient reports.

Novant Health Connection Benefits for the Patients

As a patient is someone who is already in a great suffering. Thus the main aim of Novant Health Connection is to ease out these patients. In order to do so, the following benefits are given to these patients by Novant Health Connection.

By visiting the patients can get the benefit of,

  1. Having an opportunity to send a direct email to their care team.
  2. They can request for an online prescription.
  3. Can make online appointments.
  4. Laboratory results can also be viewed online.