Pack It Back To College: The Best Package!

Now, its no surprise that Pack It Back To College is a prize winning competition that is going to give you some major types of gifts. The contest is by Clorox College and it has now been discontinued. But, who knows, it just might make a come back so you should know about it before its too late! And for that matter, we are going to get right into the matter without roaming around it. So, the following section will have all the necessary details that you need about Pack It Back To College. We hope you read it all carefully!

pack it back to college

When you will enter the Pack It Back To College competition you will get prizes that are worth about $31,000! This competition was launched by the Clorox Company and Energizer Brands LLC and it was supervised by Hello World Inc in order to attend to the prize draw in the end. With this one of the grand prizes you could take home was the 2015 Chevy Sonic automobile! With that, you also got over 1600 different prizes and frankly, you could spend the whole life just opening these presents and they would never end. And making a list of everything will just be so tiresome so we will leave that out- except you should know that it involves gift cards from Target as well! to get more details about how to register and enter you can go to

The rules of Pack It Back To College competition are simple. You have to make sure you are above the age of 18. Because, that is the set legal age for all of those who live in the United States Of America. With that, naturally you must also be a resident of United States of America and have your ID card to prove it. You should also have the knowledge about the policies of this competition, what are the requirements, and you should be clear that you have the chance of winning- you will not become the winner by just registering.

Now that all that is clear, we hope that you keep an eye out for this awesome collaboration- we know we will!