Registration process For Secure Health Data Portal

Secure Health Data Portal provides you with the best and the most secure way to have an access to your health records. In addition to this facility Secure Health Data Portal also allows you to communicate easily with your health service provider. Now you don’t have to spend long hours and even waiting for your health reports and then bothering to collect them. Through Secure Health Data Portal at you can now comfortably vie your health reports by sitting at home in just a matter of minutes.

What you need to have to Access Secure Health Data Portal

Before you get excited to enjoy and experience the ease of the Secure Health Data Portal you must know that there are certain requirements that are needed to be fulfilled if you really want to have an easy and successful access to the Secure Health Data Portal. The list of these requirements and certainties is as follows.

  1. Firstly you need a valid and unique username to have an access to the Secure Health Data Portal.
  2. Those people who are about to use Secure Health Data Portal for the very first tie, it is mandatory for them to first visit the official website of Secure Health Data Portal that is
  3. Here you are required to provide your valid email ID with a username. This username must be that name which your physician uses for you.
  4. After doing so you will be provided with a login access to the Secure Health Data Portal.

Secure Health Data Portal. Login Procedure

If you are about to log in the Secure Health Data Portal. For the very first time, given below is the most precise procedure that you are required to follow for a successful login.

  1. Access the main website by clicking on the link
  2. Click on the option on the page that says “Go to the Portal”.
  3. Enter your username in the blank space on the next page and click the Login button.
  4. If you want to sign in the account click on the “PortalV2 Beta” button.
  5. Then enter your username and password to sign in.
  6. For registration click on “register now’ button. Give the information required and click on the “Next” button.