Total Rewards Account Login: For your Entertainment!

If you do not already know about Total Rewards, well now is the time we introduce it to you. Total Rewards is a privately owned company that was founded by its founder back in 1997. Total Rewards has been around us for almost 21 years now and it has its headquarters located in Las Vegas, Nevada, United States of America. You might be wondering why now? Well, Total Rewards is actually a casino based loyalty program that you can find in almost any Caesers Entertainment locations which were previously known as Harrah’s Entertainment. These locations make up to about forty resorts and casinos. Now if you have not gotten yourself subscribed to this loyalty program, you absolutely must! We all deserve some entertainment in our life after all! Later in this article we will be talking about Total Rewards Account Login for those who already have an account!

total rewards

Did you know that Total Rewards was first known as Total Gold and then it was re-launched as Total Rewards II? Well, now it is popularly known by its current name. Back in 2005 Harrah’s Entertainment bought the Caesars Entertainment, Inc. and then Harrah’s labelled it as a connection card program. Basically the members of the casino are able to earn their rewards credits and tier credits which are based on how much shopping they do, they use the slot machines to play, the hotel they stay in, the table games they take part in and so much more. You can use your reward credits for getting merchandise, meals and other items. When you gain 100 reward credits it becomes equivalent to $1 and that is added to your Total Rewards Account. So in case you earned 10,000 points, you get $100 to do whatever you wish to!

Now, we can move ahead with Total Rewards Account Login for those who are already subscribed.

total rewards login

  1. Start with
  2. Then you will see the login box.
  3. In the first section you are going to use either your username or the total rewards card number.
  4. Then enter your password.
  5. Now enter the Sign in button.

There you have it! You now completed the Total Rewards Account Login process!