Track Your Belts MEP’s With This Easy Step!

If we want to keep up with the busy day,the busy schedules, the tough and stressful situations of our life, we need to make sure our health is on the right track- really, your personal life can be off the track but if your health is not rightfully managed, you are going to have a tough time dealing with the lemons that life throws at you. And you do not have to start working out vigorously right away. You have the option of taking it slow and getting gadgets for yourself that just make it more fun. Look at My Zone, for example, the focus of this article- this company is perfect for all the fitness junkies out there and those who are just starting. Why? because with their tools, you can keep in touch with everything you need while you work it, at just one place. This company mixes technology and innovation well with fitness and the results are absolutely stunning. In this article, we are going to be telling you how you can Track Your Belts MEP’s- and it will just take a few steps!

Now, in order to go ahead with the steps we have for you, you need to first make sure that the gadget we are talking about here- you have it purchased and ready for use. Now, if you do not, you can go to their website and order one online right away. Once you get this amazing tool that keeps your workouts strong, you can follow these easy steps:


  1. The first thing you need to do in order to Track Your Belts MEP’s, is visit the website from
  2. When you will open the website, you will see Register- click on it in order to Track Your Belts MEP’s but wait!
  3. You will first select a language for yourself and then you will proceed.
  4. once selected you will start filling out the online form.
  5. You will enter the facility code, then enter your unique belt ID.
  6. then enter your email address.
  7. then you will enter the password and hit on the forward arrow.
  8. Follow a few more steps by entering the data and you will be registered!

Use this account to Track Your Belts MEP’s!